Additional Features

Xtremepush offers additional features and solutions to enhance our web and app product offerings.


Enterprise-class analytics which will provide you with a granular understanding of your customer in real-time. Xtremepush insights deliver user profiles, app insights, and identify user journeys through our funnel analysis.

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Segmentation System


Dynamically create segments of your users with In-App Analytics & CRM Integrations to analyse and engage for higher personalisation and better ROI. Engage users in a contextually relevant manner through our advanced segmentation and targeting capabilities.

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Xtremepush CRM-Integration

CRM Integration

Easily integrate with 3rd party data to deliver omnichannel experiences. The Xtremepush platform integrates with 3rd party systems like Point Of Sales, Loyalty, and CRM systems to deliver unparalleled insights into your customers.

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White Label Solutions

All of the Xtremepush features without the cost of development, maintenance and updates? Find out more about what Xtremepush White Label Solutions and Agency Agreements are available.

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