Mobile App Analytics

Bringing analytics & marketing together to provide actionable insights

Mobile Analytics

We analyse audiences to build user profiles. Our Enterprise class analytics will provide you with a granular understanding of your customer on a one-to-one basis in real time. Delivering the insights you need to truly understand your customer is our job.

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A people centered approach to insights and analytics. Understanding each of your app users in detail allows you to build highly relevant, contextualised app engagement campaigns through In-App Messaging or Push Notifications. Use our API to connect external data to deliver demographic insights.

App Insights

How frequently do my customers visit my app? How long has it been since users in New York last engaged with the app? Which is the most popular section of my app? What time is my app most popular? We’ll answer these questions with a simple integration in a matter of hours


Ever asked ‘Why aren’t my app users converting’? We can answer that for you. Through our Funnel Analysis we can tell when, where and why your customers dropped off and why

A/B/C/D/E Testing

Unsure which campaign will engage your users most? Don’t worry XtremePush’s smart multivariate testing algorithms will tell you which campaigns across control groups perform best so you know that the final campaign you launch will deliver the results you want.


Do you know what advertising is delivering you the most download and the customers with the highest LTV? Attribution will tell you where to spend your marketing dollars for the best return.


Drill down into each user segment to understand their actions. Do different User Segments do things differently in my app? Is the newest version of my app performing better for Segment A vs Segment B?

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