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One to one marketing: What is it and how can you start doing it right now?

by Gerard Adlum • 11th September 2019

A definition of one to one marketing One to one marketing is the tailoring of customer communications based on the recipient’s individual preferences and behavioural history. It’s also referred to as personalised or relationship marketing. What one to one marketing is not A new concept or complicated! As far back as 1999, the Harvard Business […]

How an app inbox can enhance your mobile marketing campaigns

by Gerard Adlum • 30th August 2019

What is the app inbox? An app inbox is exactly what it sounds like; an inbox (similar to email) that lives within your mobile app!  Essentially, it gives you the ability to send persistent messages to app users, unlike push notifications for example which disappear once engaged with or dismissed. It’s a relatively quick set-up […]

Xtremepush CEO Tommy Kearns on the Executive Chair Podcast

by Gerard Adlum • 21st August 2019
Our CEO and co-founder, Tommy Kearns, was a guest on the Executive Chair podcast recently. The interview went out live on Newstalk Radio on August 10th 2019, and was hosted by serial entrepreneur and well-known TV personality, Bobby Kerr as part of his Down to Business show. One of Ireland’s most popular business podcasts, the [...]

Learn how to send the perfect web push for eCommerce brands

by Gerard Adlum • 19th August 2019

What are we trying to achieve with our web push campaign? When thinking up new use cases and campaigns, the primary question to answer is; what business goal does this web push help us achieve? Or, to think about it another way, what action do we want the recipient to take? The answer shapes every […]

Dynamic content explained for marketers (2019)

by Gerard Adlum • 7th August 2019
What is dynamic content? Dynamic content is information that can change! It’s a line of code written into a webpage or digital marketing message that automatically varies the copy or image displayed depending on who the recipient is. What exactly is shown, and when, is based on a wide range of factors and conditions. Predominantly, [...]

Email, SMS or Push Notifications? Choosing the right channel.

by Gerard Adlum • 1st August 2019
Email, SMS or push notifications: which one should you prioritise? It could be seen as a battle of the old guard (SMS and email) versus the relative new-comers (web browser and app push notifications), but there’s more to it than that. The reality is that the original players in mobile communications and digital engagement aren’t going anywhere, [...]

Xtremepush round-up of iGB Live 2019!

iGB Live! 2019 (July) – Opinions and trends from the event floor

by Gerard Adlum • 25th July 2019


Web push notifications; How to get more opt ins

by Gerard Adlum • 16th July 2019

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When to send app push notifications. A practical guide.

by Gerard Adlum • 8th July 2019
App push notifications have an average engagement rate of 10% across all industries. This makes it a highly effective marketing channel, especially when combined with a complementary channel the app inbox. When used intelligently, either as part of a multichannel strategy or as a stand-alone campaign, app push notifications can vastly improve the quality of [...]

The Hot Topics from Betting on Sports America

by Gerard Adlum • 3rd May 2019

Members of the burgeoning U.S. online sports betting and gaming industry came out in force recently at the Meadowlands Expo Center in New Jersey. The Betting on Sports America event (April 23rd-25th), hosted by SBC, featured talks from 175 influential figures from both business and sport as well as 60 different exhibitors and thousands of […]