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Social Messaging

Why Facebook Messenger is your next best engagement channel…

by Rupert Adam • 20th November 2018

Ever since the emergence of social media, brands have been quick to utilise these platforms to promote their products and services. Social Media platforms have mostly obliged by providing brands with specific business accounts and the ability to build an organic following. This has provided a reliable route to reach organic followers and subscribers, as […]

How Marketing Analytics can help transform your Marketing Campaigns

by Rupert Adam • 2nd November 2018

Marketing Analytics are often spoken about and will rarely be completely ignored by marketers. How aware are you of your own analytics and are they, in fact, holding your marketing campaigns performance back? 84% of marketers cannot measure and report on the contribution of their marketing programmes to the business (source). Worryingly it seems that […]

Getting ahead with Multi-Channel Marketing

by Rupert Adam • 18th October 2018

Not getting the right results from current marketing channels, not sure on the right approach? How often do marketers stop and think about their campaigns? I mean really stop and have a full review. You may think that you do this all the time, but the reality is that you are running the same types […]

Web push - building for success

Web Push Marketing – Building for Success

by Rupert Adam • 12th October 2018

It all started with Apple in 2009, creating Push Notifications to enable App developers a way to re-engage with their users. Apple then rolled out Push Notification support within Safari in 2013, which allowed web browsers to ask users for permission to send them a Web Push Notification. Web Push Notifications were so well received […]

Xtremepush Marketing Showcase

Meet Xtremepush at The Marketing Showcase | London | 16 October

by Rupert Adam • 3rd October 2018

Xtremepush are excited to be exhibiting at the Marketing Showcase event at the Emirates Stadium, London on 16th October. These one-day events run up and down the UK, and offer delegates  the opportunity to meet with marketing experts and solution providers, as well as attend a series of educational talks throughout the day. Xtremepush will […]

In-app messaging

Ecommerce – Customer Engagement through In-App Messaging

by Rupert Adam • 3rd October 2018

Ecommerce brands have a challenge in gaining customers let alone retaining and engaging them. Growing an engaged audience will provide greater opportunities for transactions to take place, as well as increasing brand awareness. But with so many Ecommerce stores available for the consumer to choose from, how are brands able to differentiate and win the […]

Multi-Channel Brand Identity

Navigating Multi-Channel Marketing for Ecommerce

by Rupert Adam • 21st September 2018

Ecommerce brands need to be in touch with their tech-savvy shoppers in order to stay relevant. Focus on single channel marketing campaigns provides the user with a disconnected feel and not the well-rounded campaign experience marketers want to give. Multi-channel marketing campaigns are increasingly becoming a necessity if brands want to retain their customers, especially […]

Retail Banking – Connecting the Right Customer Journey

by Rupert Adam • 14th September 2018

Mobile Banking has exploded over the last decade, and with an estimated 1.2 billion users worldwide (source) it has provided enormous opportunities for retail banks to create powerful customer journeys. source). Considering the shift towards mobile as the main touchpoint for customers with their bank means many are failing their customers by not providing a […]

Push Notifications for Ecommerce

Ecommerce – How Push Notifications Can Boost Revenue, Engagement and Retention

by Rupert Adam • 6th September 2018

The expectation is that sales within the Ecommerce industry in 2018 will be 112% more than they were in 2014 and again, by 2021 they are set to increase by 71% from 2018. (source)  When a market shows this much growth, opportunities are tremendous. There is no surprise that Ecommerce is showing such a large […]

shopping cart abandonment

Shopping Cart Abandonment: Re-engage users with Multi-Channel Engagement Marketing

by Rupert Adam • 20th July 2018
Shopping cart abandonment impacts all brands online. Who hasn’t abandoned a basket at some point? There are many reasons as to why this might occur. Simply leaving this a just one of those things is not the smartest move. There is a way that can help online brands reduce or reactivate abandoned baskets using re-engagement [...]