Retail Banking – Connecting the Right Customer Journey

by Rupert Adam • 14th September 2018

Mobile Banking has exploded over the last decade, and with an estimated 1.2 billion users worldwide (source) it has provided enormous opportunities for retail banks to create powerful customer journeys. source). Considering the shift towards mobile as the main touchpoint for customers with their bank means many are failing their customers by not providing a […]

consumer banking

How to Streamline the Customer Onboarding Process in Digital Banking

by Tommy Kearns • 28th June 2016

The delivery of personalised customer experiences at scale across all customer touchpoints has significant revenue potential for financial institutions. We now live in an age where instant gratification and access on-demand is the norm. Years ago, back when I was in school, this was called the ‘me-me’ syndrome (I want it for me and I […]

fintech banking

Digital Reinvention: Fintech & The Future of Banking

by Tommy Kearns • 15th March 2016

The traditional business model of banking is being turned on its head with the advent of mobile-first technologies, the growing impact of blockchain and the challenge of connecting with a new generation of banking customers with a ‘show-me-you-know-me’ outlook to brand interaction.   By 2025, Millennials will hold 75% of the global workforce. Closely behind […]

8 Ways Beacons will transform Retail Branch Banking

by xtremepush • 9th April 2015

iBeacon in Banking is getting hot. We’ve listed some potential use cases that financial service firms are showing real interest in. 1. Welcome Communication: As customers pass or enter a branch, the bank can deliver a welcome notification to the customer depending on their interaction with the mortgages app. There could be 5 segmented user […]