airport proximity marketing

6 Ways Airports can make the most of Proximity Marketing

by Una Lawlor • 12th January 2016

Airports and airlines are continually striving to enhance and de-stress the passenger experience. As today’s travellers increasingly turn to their smartphones and wearable devices for immediate answers, it’s critical for travel brands to leverage mobile to addresses the key concerns of their target audience. Where the key challenge lies is timing. How can airports ensure […]

Enterprise app

Enterprise Mobile Marketing Automation you can bank on

by Dr. Kevin Collins • 1st October 2015

If you think Mobile Marketing Automation is the preserve of game developers and startup Apps – you would be wrong. Major enterprises, from leading media organisations to financial institutions, are leading the charge in this space — and winning key market-share in their verticals. When it comes to mobile marketing automation, enterprises are faced with […]

The Benefits of Having a Mobile App for your Business

by xtremepush • 22nd May 2014

The mobile marketing app is the most powerful tool in existence today and the  appconomy is booming, app usage alone has overtaken internet usage from desktop and mobile search. A mobile website simply does not compete with the convenience and user-experience of a mobile app. Despite the most efficient optimizing efforts, users can still find […]