Mobile Engagement

Retail Banking – Connecting the Right Customer Journey

by Rupert Adam • 14th September 2018

Mobile Banking has exploded over the last decade, and with an estimated 1.2 billion users worldwide (source) it has provided enormous opportunities for retail banks to create powerful customer journeys. source). Considering the shift towards mobile as the main touchpoint for customers with their bank means many are failing their customers by not providing a […]

GDPR importance for travel industry

GDPR and its Importance for The Travel Industry

by Tommy Kearns • 27th July 2017

In recent years, there have been extraordinary changes in the purchase of travel and transport services, from consumer habits to the channels utilised. This has led to the role of traditional travel providers, from airlines to travel agencies to utility transport companies, been dramatically changed. Digital services have become the preferred consumer choice in the […]

GDPR – The Practicalities of a New Reality

by Tommy Kearns • 4th May 2017

There are now about 380 days until GDPR is ‘the new reality’ and becomes law across the EU Member States. Companies are carefully reviewing the legislation, working to understand what GDPR will mean for them as Data Controllers, Data Processors, or in some circumstances both. In this article – I’ll talk in practical terms considering the […]


Survive and Thrive in the new GDPR environment

by Tommy Kearns • 31st March 2017

There is much talk right now across many industry verticals from Financial Services and Fintech to Transport and Retail about the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) Many articles reference the significant fines of 4% of annual global turnover or €20 million, whichever is greater. Lots of references are being made to Customer Consent, The Right […]

in-app messaging

In-App Messaging 101: How to Drive Consistent Mobile Engagement

by Una Lawlor • 25th August 2016

In today’s increasingly complex mobile marketing landscape, it is an ongoing challenge to continually build customer engagement and minimise the risk of churn. Marketers have numerous mobile engagement channels at their disposal, such as push notifications, email, message centers and in-app messaging, to reach out and connect with their audience. The problem is how do […]


iOS 10 – What it means for your Mobile App

by Robbie Sexton • 18th August 2016

At its Worldwide Developer Conference in June, Apple announced several updates in iOS 10 that will have a significant impact on mobile marketing and offer exciting new engagement opportunities to both marketers and app developers. iOS 10 is now available in beta for download which indicates that it will be likely be released by the […]


5 Key Ingredients to Email Marketing Success in the Mobile Era

by Una Lawlor • 11th August 2016
Email marketing is one of the most powerful communication channels to reach out and engage customers across multiple devices. It’s a great medium to boost brand awareness and deliver rich targeted content to your loyal brand advocates. In fact, worldwide mobile email users are expected to total over 2.2 billion by the end of 2018, [...]

beacons shopping mall

How Beacons will revolutionise the Shopping Mall Experience

by Una Lawlor • 28th July 2016

Location-based targeting is a major new opportunity for shopping malls to improve shopper engagement and to drive both direct and ancillary revenue through the mobile channel. Engaging with shoppers in a relevant and contextual manner, using beacons, not only drives primary revenue sources, such as retail sales, food and beverage purchases but it also greatly enhances […]

Mobile Banking: 4 Key Ways to deliver Frictionless Customer Experiences

by Robbie Sexton • 21st July 2016

79% of North American financial consumers consider their banking relationship to be purely transactional, according to a recent Accenture study. When customers now think about what their bank offers – whether through the branch, online or mobile channels – most now think about commodity banking products and services rather than unique value for their broader […]

5 Reasons why the App Inbox is the Perfect companion to Push Messaging

by Una Lawlor • 14th July 2016

Push notifications are a great way of interacting with your most valuable app users and driving them back into the app to complete key actions. But their reach is ultimately limited to users who have chosen to opt in for notifications. This is why the in-app inbox provides a huge engagement opportunity for marketers and […]