Mobile Marketing

Retail Banking – Connecting the Right Customer Journey

by Rupert Adam • 14th September 2018

Mobile Banking has exploded over the last decade, and with an estimated 1.2 billion users worldwide (source) it has provided enormous opportunities for retail banks to create powerful customer journeys. source). Considering the shift towards mobile as the main touchpoint for customers with their bank means many are failing their customers by not providing a […]

Podcast: A Data-Driven Approach to Marketing

BIG Fintech Media Podcast: A Data-Driven Approach to Marketing

by Susan Moran • 12th July 2017

John Best, founder of Best Innovation Group (BIG), is a recognised thought leader and visionary of technology advancements and financial application development within the financial services industry. Best Innovation Group is a technology innovation and development company specialising in the financial industry. They currently have hundreds of financial institutions working with their team of experts […]

5 Reasons why the App Inbox is the Perfect companion to Push Messaging

by Una Lawlor • 14th July 2016

Push notifications are a great way of interacting with your most valuable app users and driving them back into the app to complete key actions. But their reach is ultimately limited to users who have chosen to opt in for notifications. This is why the in-app inbox provides a huge engagement opportunity for marketers and […]

Web Push Notifications

What is Web Push?

by Robbie Sexton • 12th May 2016

Web Push Notifications are a brand new channel for engaging Mobile and Desktop web visitors as they browse and interact with a brand’s website. They are essentially clickable notifications that are sent by the website directly to the browser of their subscribers. Up until now, it’s been difficult for brands to build meaningful relationships with […]


Chatbots – What they mean for Mobile Marketers

by Una Lawlor • 26th April 2016

Chatbots are the next frontier in contemporary digital experience and mobile customer engagement. Powered by artificial intelligence, app-like chatbot software essentially automates everyday customer service tasks. Built into messaging apps, they act like personalised assistants, actively scanning customer conversations for keywords, enabling customers to order things directly from businesses without leaving the app.   Considering […]

push notifications

How to Convince your App Users to Opt In for Push Notifications

by Una Lawlor • 18th February 2016

Push messaging is a vital component of strategic app marketing. It’s what allows you to directly reach and re-engage your users even when they are not using your app. What’s more, users who opt in for notifications are four times more engaged with apps and are twice as likely to be retained than opted-out users. […]

airport proximity marketing

6 Ways Airports can make the most of Proximity Marketing

by Una Lawlor • 12th January 2016

Airports and airlines are continually striving to enhance and de-stress the passenger experience. As today’s travellers increasingly turn to their smartphones and wearable devices for immediate answers, it’s critical for travel brands to leverage mobile to addresses the key concerns of their target audience. Where the key challenge lies is timing. How can airports ensure […]

mesh beacon

Mesh Beacons – the next wave of Location-Targeting

by Dr. Kevin Collins • 26th November 2015

The current generation of bluetooth low energy Beacons for proximity engagement (iBeacons etc.) provide brands with endless opportunities to engage customers with contextually relevant messaging. What’s more is that they can be easily deployed and managed, particularly in small to medium-scale environments. A retail outlet, for example, can place a few iBeacons in-store, add them to […]

mobile gaming

Mobile Game Advertising: How Brands can Play to Win

by Una Lawlor • 8th October 2015

The mobile game ecosystem is rife with opportunities for targeted marketing of key audience groups. Already a $25 Billion industry, industry analysts predict it to surpass console revenue in 2015 and boom to reach $40 Billion by 2018. According to Nielsen research, 27% of consumer’s time on mobile devices is now spent playing games. That’s […]

mobile marketing trends

4 Surefire Mobile Marketing Trends to Expect in 2016

by The Tech Fairy • 6th October 2015

Mobile marketing is showing no signs of slowing down. Research by eMarketer revealed that mobile ad spending will surpass $100 billion in 2016, where over 50% of ad expenditures will fall under digital marketing. The United States and China are said to be the top contributors to mobile ad spending next year, accounting for nearly 62% of […]