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Why Airlines should use Push notifications

Why Airlines should use Push Notifications as part of of their Multi-Channel Engagement Strategy

by Lauren McClean • 20th December 2017

The Airline Industry has continued to rapidly grow over the last few years. According to Rafat Ali, the travel industry is the second-fastest growing sector globally, with 3.9 percent per annum over the next ten years. What are Push Notifications? Marketing today is all about capturing the consumer at the right time with the right […]

Web push notifications for retailers

The Importance of Web Push Notifications for Retailers

by Lauren McClean • 15th November 2017
Web Push Notifications are a unique communication channel that allows a company to send messages directly to customers via their browser on both smartphones and desktops through Web Push Messages. Notifications can be delivered when the user is on the website or more effectively when they have left the website and are browsing elsewhere. This [...]

Use Case Series - Onboarding

Web Push: Increase engagement by 20%

by Dr. Kevin Collins • 9th December 2016

Xtremepush launched Web Push over a year ago which at the time was a very new channel. Since then the technology has matured and become a popular channel, particularly with verticals like online retail, gaming (Sports, Casino, Lotto etc.) and publishing. Our customer results have been very compelling. Sites with no App and previously using […]

Web Push Notifications

What is Web Push?

by Robbie Sexton • 12th May 2016

Web Push Notifications are a brand new channel for engaging Mobile and Desktop web visitors as they browse and interact with a brand’s website. They are essentially clickable notifications that are sent by the website directly to the browser of their subscribers. Up until now, it’s been difficult for brands to build meaningful relationships with […]

Firefox Notifications – Live on Xtremepush

by Una Lawlor • 18th February 2016

Firefox now provides support for browser notifications with its latest version: 44. And xtremepush are delighted to announce support for Firefox notifications as part of our innovative Web Push solution. This means that we now offer Web Push support for the three leading web browsers: Chrome, Safari (OS) and Firefox, enabling our customers to reach […]

Web Push Product Update: Announcing Google Analytics Integration & Our New Customisable Notification Center

by Dr. Kevin Collins • 2nd February 2016

At xtremepush, we are pretty excited about our innovative new Web Push Notification feature. We have been working hard over the past few weeks to hone our Web Push engine. Today we are delighted to announce two new updates to Web Push –  Google Analytics integration for hyper-targeted web notifications and a customizable notification center fully […]

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Web Push Notifications – 7 Best Practices to Success

by Una Lawlor • 3rd December 2015

Notifications are an essential part of the mobile experience. Today’s mobile consumers are well accustomed to receiving and consuming multiple forms of content in brief snackable mobile moments. With the arrival of web push, marketers now must consider how best to interact and engage with their consumers via the mobile and desktop web. This is […]

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Xtremepush launch Web Push Notifications in Venturebeat exclusive

by Una Lawlor • 23rd November 2015

As exclusively featured in Venturebeat, we are thrilled to reveal our new product feature, Web Push Notifications. Now brands can deliver relevant and personalised messaging to their web customers through their mobile or desktop website, exactly like a native app. Using web push notifications, you can provide a host of new experiences, from real-time communication […]