Message Templates: Key benefits of creating message templates

by xtremepush • 6th December 2016

Message templates are an exciting, free feature on the Xtremepush platform. Once created and saved, templates can be used in all campaigns across all of our channels – Push, Web Push, Inbox, Emails and In-App Messaging. We have created a video to showcase how templates are created, easily edited and utilised in different campaigns across […]

Web Push Product Update: Announcing Google Analytics Integration & Our New Customisable Notification Center

by Dr. Kevin Collins • 2nd February 2016

At xtremepush, we are pretty excited about our innovative new Web Push Notification feature. We have been working hard over the past few weeks to hone our Web Push engine. Today we are delighted to announce two new updates to Web Push –  Google Analytics integration for hyper-targeted web notifications and a customizable notification center fully […]


Xtremepush: Our Global Rebrand

by Andrea Avesani • 2nd September 2015

After 18 successful months in the market, with major international client wins in the retail banking, media, sports, government agencies and entertainment sectors, we felt there was a need for a fresh, improved look to reflect our success in the mobile marketing automation industry. So we can now proudly reveal our updated company image, including […]

The Days of Hitting and Hoping as a Marketeer are Gone

by Tommy Kearns • 9th July 2015

We are living in a mobile world, that is now a well established fact. Facebook, who just opened their first office in Africa, revealed that 80% of their users access their platform through mobile. Mobile is where we search directions, play games, chat, find partners, email, phone, shop, search, learn and much more. Along with […]

What Is Mobile Marketing Automation?

by Eoin Moore • 23rd June 2015

There are a lot of buzz terms in the marketing world that often confuse people. Mobile Marketing Automation could be said to be one of those terms, It doesn’t quite explain exactly what it does, how it works or how powerful it is. Marketing automation has been around for a long time, it’s the process of […]

Engagement through in-app push notifications is a key driver of app retention

by xtremepush • 31st October 2014

In today’s mobile-centric world there is an app for almost if not everything. With 1.2 million applications in Apple Inc.’s App Store and more than 1 million Android apps on Google Play, we’ve become app-saturated. And an alarming fact is that apps rarely stick. According to Gartner Inc. research, 95 percent of apps are abandoned […]

Our Recent Presentation about iBeacon Tech at an Apple event

by xtremepush • 16th October 2014

XtremePush‘s CEO Tommy Kearns was recently asked to present at an Apple sponsored event in the headquarters of Apple re-seller Exertis Plc about how iBeacon will affect workforce mobility and their interactions with enterprise applications. There were speakers from other market leaders such as Cisco Meraki and Plantronics discussing how mobility is changing the modern […]