Uber’s error ahead of GDPR is valuable lesson for businesses

by Lauren McClean • 24th November 2017
Earlier this week, Uber’s CEO Dara Khosrowshahi gave a statement which he confirmed that in late 2016 they became aware that two hackers managed to gain access to personal data of 57 million customers based around the world which was stored on a third party cloud computing platform the company uses. UBER also admitted it [...]

Irish firms are NOT ready for GDPR

Research shows that Irish Firms are NOT ready for GDPR

by Lauren McClean • 16th November 2017
A recent survey conducted by Mazars and McCann Fitzgerald finds that Irish businesses are unprepared for GDPR which is to be enforced on the 25th of May 2018. GDPR involves all businesses of all sizes that posses or manage the use of personal data. Once GDPR comes into force, businesses could be handed fines of [...]

Xtremepush & Unacast Align in Global Partnership to Enable Advertisers to Retarget Offline Audiences, Online

by xtremepush • 9th March 2016

Xtremepush, the global leader in Multi-Channel Marketing Automation, has today announced a partnership with Unacast, the world’s largest proximity network. For the first time, the partnership will enable brands to use offline customer data from beacon interactions to deliver relevant and targeted ads and content online.   Proximity Marketing is currently one of the fastest-growing […]

Web Push Product Update: Announcing Google Analytics Integration & Our New Customisable Notification Center

by Dr. Kevin Collins • 2nd February 2016

At xtremepush, we are pretty excited about our innovative new Web Push Notification feature. We have been working hard over the past few weeks to hone our Web Push engine. Today we are delighted to announce two new updates to Web Push –  Google Analytics integration for hyper-targeted web notifications and a customizable notification center fully […]

xtremepush sunday business post

xtremepush featured in yesterday’s Sunday Business Post

by xtremepush • 5th October 2015

Following on from our recent announcement of our collaboration with US Marketing Cloud provider Gravity 4 last week, our CTO, Dr. Kevin Collins was featured in yesterday’s edition of the Sunday Business Post. We are pleased to confirm that this multi-million euro agreement will result in an additional 15 jobs within xtremepush over the next […]

Enterprise app

Enterprise Mobile Marketing Automation you can bank on

by Dr. Kevin Collins • 1st October 2015

If you think Mobile Marketing Automation is the preserve of game developers and startup Apps – you would be wrong. Major enterprises, from leading media organisations to financial institutions, are leading the charge in this space — and winning key market-share in their verticals. When it comes to mobile marketing automation, enterprises are faced with […]

Layering Beacons in Retail: Coke’s Cinema Trial paves the way

by Una Lawlor • 3rd September 2015

Retailers can utilise beacons as far more than simply mobile advertising broadcasters. A recent trial by Coke in Norway movie theatres demonstrates that there is huge potential in layering beacons to create a unique, individualised customer experience. Their aim was to not only communicate with customers but to remember them for re-targeting later.   According […]


Xtremepush: Our Global Rebrand

by Andrea Avesani • 2nd September 2015

After 18 successful months in the market, with major international client wins in the retail banking, media, sports, government agencies and entertainment sectors, we felt there was a need for a fresh, improved look to reflect our success in the mobile marketing automation industry. So we can now proudly reveal our updated company image, including […]

The Days of Hitting and Hoping as a Marketeer are Gone

by Tommy Kearns • 9th July 2015

We are living in a mobile world, that is now a well established fact. Facebook, who just opened their first office in Africa, revealed that 80% of their users access their platform through mobile. Mobile is where we search directions, play games, chat, find partners, email, phone, shop, search, learn and much more. Along with […]

What Is Mobile Marketing Automation?

by Eoin Moore • 23rd June 2015

There are a lot of buzz terms in the marketing world that often confuse people. Mobile Marketing Automation could be said to be one of those terms, It doesn’t quite explain exactly what it does, how it works or how powerful it is. Marketing automation has been around for a long time, it’s the process of […]