Maximise Customer Loyalty with In-App Messaging

In-App Messaging provides brands with an excellent engagement opportunity. An engaged audience is much more likely to complete a sale then an unengaged audience. How can enterprise brands use In-App Messaging to increase conversions? Here are our top tips to help you succeed.

Top Tips for In-App Messaging

Understand the User

As obvious as it seems, understanding the user is a pivotal step in a successful marketing campaign. It is no different for In-App Messaging. Understanding the user will enable brands to deliver the right type of messages to the right users at the right time, increasing the success of a campaign. Investing in the right tools that provide granular analytics of the app user in real-time will provide all the user understanding needed to deliver powerful campaigns.

Provide Value

Users don’t want the mundane, provide them with relevant and personalised in-app messages that are driven by actions or events. With an event-driven automation solution, brands are able to automatically deliver the right message to the user as soon as the event has been triggered, be that number of logins, views sections of the app, shopping basket abandonment or shopping basket completion.

Influence the User Journey

Are users not progressing down the journey quickly enough? Use digital interventions, like In-App Messaging, to help to nudge them further down the journey. Additionally, users who are beginning to fall of the journey can be delivered with personalised In-App Messaging to bring them back on track.

Build brands loyalty

User love offers, with 41% of users who download shopping apps doing so to unlock offers or discounts (source). Use In-App Messaging to provide users with loyalty bonus or offer delivered directly to their app. This will offer them something as a reward for their loyalty and enhance their experience with the brand.

Next Steps

Xtremepush provides enterprises with the solutions needed to implement successful in-app messaging into their marketing strategy. Talk to a member of our team to understand how you too can use In-App Messaging for your brand or request a demo.  

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