It’s almost that time of year again, Cyber Weekend. Black Friday falls on November 29th, with the weekend of discounts and special offers set to run right through to Cyber Monday on December 2nd.

From independent digital traders to eCommerce giants, retailers across the globe are gearing up for the first major holiday season rush of the year. 

If it’s anything like last year’s edition, then expect close to 80% of Americans to make a purchase at some point.

By now, your brand has more than likely decided on its sales strategy and earmarked the products that you want to discount and highlight.  

There’s still plenty of time, however, to implement a simple and effective multichannel engagement strategy to maximise your ROI in the build-up to, during and even after this four-day stretch.

So let’s look at some ways you can better leverage your eCommerce website and mobile app to increase revenue and enhance your customer experience.

1. Take advantage of Cyber Weekend anticipation to build up your contact lists 

In the weeks leading up to Black Friday, capitalise on the growing excitement to increase your list of subscribers. And when the time comes to market the sale itself you’ll have a wider range of interested consumers to reach.

Most likely you’ll want to grow your email list and/or opt-in more customers for push notifications, so we’ll cover ideas for both.

Use on-site pop-ups and in-app messages to grow email lists

Two or three weeks out from November 29th, we will most likely see a spike in traffic as people start researching different brands and getting a sense of the full retail price.

This is particularly common for big-ticket items like technology and appliances. Some consumers will even wait for an entire year just to get a Black Friday deal!

Channels like on-site messages (also called web pop-ups) and in-app messages empower you to engage traffic across your brand’s two most important touchpoints. These are perfect opportunities to gather email addresses.

Your upcoming Black Friday sales are a compelling incentive here so think about a short-term change in your copy to reflect this.

Drive email subscriptions during Cyber WeekendThe messaging should emphasise that subscribers will be the first ones to receive the best deals and discounts.

You can get really granular here and track which specific product pages each customer is on when they sign-up. This data can then be fed into your engagement communications further down the line to personalise the content (as we discuss below).

Convincing iOS app users and web traffic to opt-in for push notifications

If you want to grow your lists of addressable users then it’s important that you get the “value exchange” right when asking them to submit their contact details. Essentially, what we’re doing here is highlighting what the customer gets out of it.

If you rely on the generic system opt-in message then you won’t be able to tailor your messaging. However, if your service provider is capable of supporting it then it is possible to create a custom opt-in message that will be shown to the user before asking for permission.

To learn more, check out our in-depth guides about encouraging opt-ins from app users and web browsers

2. Beat competitors and drive traffic to your website and app during Cyber Weekend

Schedule web browser and app push notifications at peak times

You simply can’t ignore the potential of push notifications to drive traffic and boost conversions this holiday season.

If they don’t currently feature in your customer engagement strategy then it’s certainly a channel you should look into. It’s a chance to directly engage potential customers with relevant, personalised offers.

For those of you familiar with them already, we’ve written this guide to creating the perfect eCommerce web push here. Naturally, much of it applies to app pushes too.

Personalise your content and segment your users

Intelligent segmentation is vital. Without it, the alternative is blast-messaging your entire user base with a generic sales offer. 

Of course, this might drive a certain amount of traffic but it will never be as effective as a targeted message that speaks to an individual consumer’s interests and preferences.

Personalise and segment your Cuber Weekend in-app messagesYou can also drill down into your analytics to focus on your most profitable, VIP customers and look to increase wallet-share from them by segmenting based on total spend or recent purchase history.

Interestingly, while Gen Y consumers are expected to shop in the largest numbers throughout Cyber Weekend, it’s actually the Gen Xers who spend the most. Again, these are the details you’ll want to be able to capitalise on when segmenting your campaigns and choosing which groups to focus your engagement efforts on.

3. Use location-data to drive in-store traffic

Unless you are a digital pure-play, in the excitement of getting your online channels ready for Black Friday it can be easy to overlook your brick and mortar stores.

Targeting your app users based on their current or known location is an incredibly powerful way to boost in-store footfall over the Thanksgiving holiday weekend.

Use geo-location targeting to engage app users during Cyber WeekendThis is actually an incredibly simple campaign to orchestrate. It involves setting up a geo-fence around your physical locations. Once a customer with your app enters this range, the push message is triggered.

As ever, the message can be personalised to make it more appealing.

4. Recover abandoned carts and browse-abandons when the Cyber Weekend sales are over

Cart abandonment is a plague across all verticals, but eCommerce brands experience it more often than others.

For every sale that’s made over the four-day frenzy, how many others will be lost at the checkout? A robust, automated recovery campaign is essential if you want to maximise your revenue.

Multichannel cart recovery campaigns for Cyber WeekendAs you can see in the example above, you aren’t restricted to email either. Depending on the individual’s previous engagement history, it may be more effective to send an in-app message or push notification.

Layering dynamic content into your automated campaigns is crucial in order to personalise these campaigns at scale.

Wrapping up

We hope this article has given you some ideas about enhancing your engagement strategy in the run-up to Cyber Weekend or the festive season. 

Feel free to get in touch with us below and book a demo to see how we can help you optimise your campaigns and identify new opportunities across your website and mobile app.

And don’t forget to download our free Multichannel Engagement Playbook for the eCommerce industry to learn even more!

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