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Drive Shopping Cart Recovery with Web Push

Boost eCommerce conversions with instant personalised web messaging

72% of your online customers will abandon their shopping cart without purchase

Web Push notifications are a brand new way to solve the key issues of cart abandonment. Now you can leverage the power of Push to communicate directly with your website customers throughout their individual path to purchase. What’s more you can also retarget your customers offsite with personalised cart recovery communications while they are browsing on a competitor site.

Did you know that brands who have adopted Web Push have increased their conversion rates by up to 25%?

Key Benefits

Reduce Shopping Cart Abandonment

Create intelligent tailored communications that bring lost customers back to their pre-populated basket. You can deliver targeted messaging directly to your subscriber’s browser even while they are browsing on another website.

Capture your Customer’s Attention Instantly

The average time for a customer to view an email is 6.5 hours. With Web Push, you can deliver instant push notifications to your target customers on their Mobile & Desktop browser at the right time. Create demand with time-sensitive promotions and messaging that resonate with your audience.

Re-engage your lapsed users with Direct Remarketing

Cart Abandonment notifications are just the beginning. With Xtremepush, you can send instant behavioural web messages to build and retain your customer relationships. Reach out to dormant users, send browser abandonment notifications, notify shoppers when items are back in stock and more.

Deliver Personalised Product Recommendations

Send personalised product recommendations to your customers based on their individual browsing and purchase history. Entice recent customers to continue their shopping spree with order follow-up messages that include related and relevant content they will love.

Supported on:

Personalised Web Engagement Delivered

Instantly communicate with your web customers both on and off your website.

Personalised Onsite Notification Centre

Allow your entire website audience to discover your most important recent notifications. The onsite notification centre widget enables you to reach out to both your Web Push subscribers and visitors who haven’t yet opted in. Broadcast your top stories with our fully customisable interface. Amplify the reach of your time-sensitive promotions and easily tailor them by browsing history.

Offsite Notifications

Xtremepush gives you the ability to instantly communicate with your website visitors even when they are active on another website. Offsite notifications are currently available in Chrome (Mobile & Desktop), Safari and Firefox (Desktop). Once users have opted in, you can send engaging web push notifications even when the user is browsing on another site.

Powerful Functionality

Go further with our advanced functionality.

Google Analytics API Integration

Utilise Google Analytics segmentation for hyper contextual targeting

Real-time Tracking

Monitor the conversion rate of your Web Push Notifications in real-time

15 minute set-up

Our integration process is incredibly quick and easy – just follow our 3 step guide to get started

Available on http and https websites

Web Push is available on both http and https websites

Free up to 100k subscribers

Our free starter plan includes 100,000 website subscribers so you can start sending notifications right away. No credit card required.

Advanced Scheduling

Enable automated delivery of notifications at the optimal time of day for your customers

case study

“Web Push allows us to instantly communicate with our community of talented job seekers using personalised content at the optimal time. It’s immediacy, relevance and time-sensitivity make it unlike any other engagement channel currently out there.”

–Stephen Quinn, CEO, Jobbio

Quick & Easy to Setup

15 minutes is all it takes to get started

Set Up the Project

Set Up Your Project on the Xtremepush Platform

Insert Our Code in Your Website

Copy & Paste Our Code into your site or add the required Javascript using Google Tag Manager.

Start sending notifications

Immediately you will be able to send custom web notifications to your users.

Maximise the outreach of your Mobile & Desktop website using Web Push Notifications.