Email Marketing

Smart Email for the Multi-Channel Era



Email is one of the powerful marketing channels to reach out and connect with your customers across multiple devices. Now with Xtremepush, you can easily integrate email into your multi-channel engagement strategy. Smartly segment and truly personalise your email campaigns based on consumer’s real-time behaviour on web, mobile and offline.

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Deliver Dynamic Personalised Email at Scale

1.9 billion emails are sent on a daily basis to consumers. Delivering rich, targeted content is critical to help you stand out in the inbox. Using our platform, you can seamlessly integrate cross-channel customer data to target customers with highly personalised campaigns.

Leverage Real-Time Customer Behavioural Data

Precisely segment your customers by mobile, web and offline behavioural data to target the right user with offers they care about. Trigger emails based on your customer’s real-time activity and their unique stage in the lifecycle to keep your customers highly engaged with your brand.

Gain Real-time Campaign Insights

Monitor what’s working and what’s not with our comprehensive email analytics. Utilise full A/B testing capabilities to identify the email campaign with the maximum impact.

Integrated Multi-Channel Engagement

Unite all your marketing engagement efforts in one CRM. Orchestrate integrated multi-channel messaging campaigns to your users. Use engagement behaviour in one channel to personalise your email messaging even further.

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