Xtremepush enables enterprise brands to drive engagement with intelligent, personalised emails at scale.

Email Marketing

Email is a powerful marketing tool. Xtremepush enables you to easily integrate email into your multi-channel engagement strategy to communicate personalised marketing and service messages to your customers across multiple devices.

Implement more advanced behaviour into your Email Campaigns

Dynamic Personalised Email at Scale

Delivering rich, targeted content to help our customers stand out in the inbox.

Leverage Real-Time Customer Behavioural Data

Segment your customers by mobile, web and offline behavioural data to target the right user with the right message

Gain Real-time Campaign Insights

Monitor what’s working and what’s not with our comprehensive email analytics. Utilise full A/B testing capabilities to identify the email campaign with the maximum impact

Multi-Channel Engagement

All your marketing engagement efforts in one CRM to deliver multi-channel messaging campaigns to your users