Enhance engagement with multi-channel marketing

Driving engagement via marketing is what it is all about, however, opportunities are hard to come by especially in an overcrowded marketplace. Looking beyond what their current marketing capabilities are, marketers themselves need to create a more personalised and positive experience for their customers, enabling more engagement, brand awareness and ultimately sales.

These tips are provided to give marketers a fresh look at their current campaigns and provide inspiration for other opportunities that might currently have been missed, forgotten or ignored.

Allow time to create a strategy

Creating a winning formula to boost engagement across marketing channels shouldn’t be seen as a hotfix but as a well-executed strategy. Make sure that you adequately allocate enough time to create your strategy. Failure to do so will undoubtedly impede the success of your campaigns.

Review your current success

Starting from scratch and ignoring all of your past successes and failures will weaken your strategy. Embrace all of your previous campaigns, judging what worked, what didn’t, how things could have improved or if a particular strategy is a dead end. This will save you from making the same mistakes again and allow you to incorporate parts of the campaigns that were most successful.  

Review your competitor’s success

Competitors provide a useful research tool. When you are looking at your competitor’s campaigns, you will be able to gather some useful insights into engagement levels, what type of content and campaigns works for them and which areas can you incorporate into your strategy.

But don’t dwell on your competitors

That being said, don’t spend too much time dwelling on what your competitors are doing. Copying exactly what the competition is doing isn’t going to be a wise strategy.

Expand your visibility across multiple channels

Build upon your current channels and look at additional marketing channels that would be beneficial to actively market across. Do not confuse this with just posting the same message across each channel but expanding your strategy to fully take advantage of the intelligent engagement opportunities available.  

Be where your customers are, when they are.

As an expansion of the increasing visibility across channels, brands need to be everywhere their customers and users are. Understanding when your customers are active and where they are active will feed into your strategy, which in turn will allow your brand to increase engagement possibilities with your customers.

Review and refine

Your marketing strategy is your plan of action to achieve your desired aims over a period of time. However, don’t expect the first instalment of your strategy to be a finished article. While your aims and goals may stay the same, valuable insights will be gained from the execution of your strategy. This will enable you to review and refine each campaign to increase your overall success in achieving your brand’s aims. Regardless of all of the research and analysis of the market, you have compiled, without feedback, you are effectively blindly continuing regardless. Feed all of your results back into your campaigns to allow you to make educated adjustments and refinements and increase your overall strategy success.

Next Steps

Xtremepush are leading global experts in multi-channel experience and engagement. We have developed an intuitive platform that enables marketers to execute their marketing strategies effectively and successfully. To arrange a demonstration of how Xtremepush can drive engagement for your enterprise brand, please get in touch with the team today.


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