1. michael@c1hundred.co.uk'

    Michael Bolton

    It is concerning that there is an assumption here that this data is there to be taken and used as malls / retailers see fit to suit themselves. All the above is about taking and nothing about how to engage to get permission or opt in. Plus everything about the Mall selling on this data willy nilly like peoples personal data is a commodity that you have the right to do with whatever you wish.
    you should look at research like that done by Rich relevance on what is creepy and what is cool. What IS concerning is that you seem to have so little regard for an individuals control over thier data and how you use it.

    • Una Lawlor

      Hi Michael, thanks for your feedback. We do appreciate your viewpoint on this and we will be sure to incorporate more on customer privacy and control of individual data in our future content. Have a good day!

  2. jkellybandon@gmail.com'

    Jonathan Kelly

    Hi Una, I’m curious about the uptake of beacon technology in an Irish context.

    Do you know if this has been trialled in any retail outlets here and if so what the results and uptake has been?

    I have come across beacon technology abroad but have yet to experience it here.

    Thanks for your insightful and informative block.

    Jonathan Kelly

    • Una Lawlor

      Hi Jonathan, thanks for your feedback.

      We have worked with a number of clients across different verticals, including banking, sports and retail, in Ireland using beacon technology. One of our key client examples would be Leinster Rugby, who have used location-targeting technology to offer seat upgrading opportunities to fans on match day, based on their real-time location in the stadium. The results have been excellent, including a 300% increase in app usage and a 25% increased conversion rate. Check out the full case study here: https://xtremepush.com/leinster/.

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