In App Messaging

Right message, Right time


 Push notifications are an effective way to instantly reach your customers, but it’s limited to those that have opted-in. Now you can reach more of your customers with In-App Messaging to welcome them to your app, introduce new features, nudge users along their journey to purchase or provide customer service messages. When your message has to be seen In-App Messaging is the answer.

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Multivariate Testing

Use Multivariate testing to understand which campaign is most appealing to your customers. No more create, send and pray. XtremePush helps you to define which type of campaign will deliver the highest level of ROI for your brand.

Event Driven Automation

Using XtremePush’s robust automation engine you can trigger In-App Messages at the right time to the right customer. Using our Event Driven Automation engine you increase the likelihood of you message being relevant and delivering a result for you and your app user.

Global Reach

You can use the XtremePush platform anywhere in the world direct from your laptop, office computer or mobile device

Actionable Analytics

Through XtremePush’s actionable app analytics you can re-target users who have fallen off during your user journey and help to nudge them along your app journey with exceptional easy delivering relevant, helpful messages at the right time.

Quick and Easy

Send an In-App Message using an existing template or build a new In-App Message using our easy WYSIWYG to create a bespoke In-App Message to engage your app customers.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Find the answers to all of your questions in our support page.

What is In-App Messaging?

In-App Messages are clickable notifications sent to app users as they interact with your app. They are banner notifications that appear either at the top or the bottom of the application.

How does in-app messaging work?

In-App Messages are triggered based on real-time in-app events. For example, the first time a user opens the app, they may receive a welcome message, inviting them to take an interactive tour of the app’s key features.

What’s the difference between push messaging and in-app messaging?

In-App Messages differ from push notifications in that they can only be delivered while the user is actively engaging with the app. Their purpose is to nurture the in-app user experience and prolong session time while the primary aim of push notifications is to encourage users to initiate an in-app session.

When to use in-app messaging?

Marketers should use in-app messaging at contextually relevant moments in the app user journey. Each in-app campaign should be rooted in analytics and targeted at a key customer segment. A great example is an ecommerce-based scenario: identifying when a user is most likely to buy and delivering an in-app promotional offer at the optimum time to increase conversions.

Will opted-out users receive in-app messages?

Yes, your entire app audience will receive in-app messages, including users who have opted out of push notifications. iOS8, Android API 14+ (Ice Cream Sandwich), and second generation or later Amazon devices are supported. iOS7 users will also receive in-app messages, though they must be opted in to push.