Discover how Jobbio achieved success with Web Push Notifications


Click-Through Rate


Conversion Rate

‘Web Push allows us to instantly communicate with our community of talented job seekers using personalised content at the optimal time. It’s immediacy, relevance and time-sensitivity make it unlike any other engagement channel currently out there.’

–Stephen Quinn, CEO, Jobbio


Talent acquisition is a rising problem for many online recruitment brands. With a skills shortage looming over many sectors, the challenge facing Jobbio was two-fold – to help brands connect directly with relevant talent in their specific sector and to re-engage potential candidates with personalised job alerts for brands they have followed. Considering the average click-through rate of recruitment email marketing campaigns is currently only 2.34%, Jobbio was searching for another channel to reach and re-engage users effectively.


Jobbio partnered with xtremepush in order to leverage the engagement potential of Web Push. Web Push Notifications allow Jobbio to instantly communicate with their users with personalised job alerts, specific to their sector, location and level of seniority, direct to their browser.

To deliver hyper-targeted notifications to the right customer at the right time, Jobbio can leverage data directly from their Google Analytics account using the Xtremepush platform which provides full visibility of their website customer insights. And with goal-tracking, A/B testing and real-time campaign reporting capabilities, the team at Jobbio are able to measure and optimise the results of each campaign in order to deliver maximum impact and boost ROI.


Powered by xtremepush, Jobbio have achieved remarkable results using Web Push notifications – on average the click rate has been 17.5% in the initial pilot. The conversion rate has been well over 50% with users directly applying for relevant positions from the notifications they have received. Web Push Notifications have significantly increased Jobbio’s ability to market new opportunities to attract great talent for brands.



Jobbio is a beautifully simple recruiting platform for both Talent and  Brands. A jobs marketplace where you can discover amazing  opportunities with over 2000 brilliant Brands. For Brands, Jobbio  provide a simple and effective platform to present themselves, post amazing job opportunities, share them with the world and organize the resulting job applications digitally and efficiently at an affordable price.