Mobile App Attribution

Measure the effectiveness of your mobile marketing campaigns



Our flexible attribution solution will track your marketing efforts over thousands of Ad networks enabling real time campaign analysis and optimisation to drive the best app installs and post-install events maximizing your advertising ROI

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Largest Network & Publisher Integration

Access to over 1300 official network & publisher integrations including Super Publishers like Facebook, Google, Twitter & Pandora

Cost Per Install (CPI) Optimisation

Wondering which campaigns are delivering the lowest CPI? Xtremepush’s attribution analysis gives you a clear understanding of what networks and campaigns are driving the lowest CPI, enabling a better allocation of budget to drive increased ROI of your Ad spend.

Post-install event analysis

Post-install event analysis will show you the media sources and channels that can deliver not only an install but also a loyal user who meets your goals, whether engagement or revenue-related. This will help you focus on targeting users who will deliver the maximum ARPU. We continue to follow a user’s post-install activity, measuring their in-app events, and then tie these insights back to the acquiring network.

Real-Time attribution analytics

Visualize the true impact of your marketing investments with real-time attribution and analytics. Xtremepush puts crucial metrics at your fingertips empowering you to make up-to-the-minute decisions.

A/B Test your Campaigns

A/B Testing Campaigns allow you to test different versions of a single campaign to see how small changes can have a big impact on your results. With xtremepush attribution it’s easy to test different creative, CTAs or messaging, enabling quick analysis and optimisation of ads to drive the best ROI of your adspend.

View Through Attribution

View-Through Attribution allows you to track the true reach of your campaigns, including the influence of every impression served to users, giving much greater visibility than last-click attribution, where the source that drove the final click receives all of the credit.

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