Mobile App Inbox

Deliver Personalised Content to every user



The app inbox enables you to share and communicate rich, full page content with your app’s entire audience, including users who haven’t opted in for notifications. Reach out and connect with your most valuable app users, with a personalised stream of targeted content, including news feed cards, tailored offers and personalised user messaging.

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Leverage Unparalleled Audience Reach

Half of a typical app’s audience is left unaddressed. Apps that make high-performing message centers core to their experience see a 30% lift, on average, in user engagement.

Drive Consistent In-App Engagement

Give your entire audience a unique, dedicated inbox to consume and re-visit rich media content at their convenience, uncluttered from other marketing materials.

Deliver targeted messaging at each stage of the user lifecycle

Nurture all of your users through each key stage of the user journey. Continue the conversation with personalised content to drive key user actions and prompt goal completions.

The Perfect Companion to your Push and In-App Messaging Campaigns

Maximise the impact of your push campaigns. When a message centre notification is sent in combination with a push message, average read rates more than double.

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