Mobile Engagement

Xtremepush enables enterprises to better understand their app user, increase engagement and drive revenue through their app. 

Interactive Push Notifications

Engage app users who have opted in for push notifications in real time. Send rich, personalised messages that are optimised for conversions. Intelligent delivery ensures that messages are sent to users at an optimal time. The app doesn’t have to be open for the push notification to be sent.

How can App Push Notifications help your brand drive revenue?


Promote flash sales and time-sensitive deals or send a news alert to those users who have opted while they are on their phone.

Basket recovery

Direct customers back to their pre-populated baskets at the optimal time and boost your sales.

Re-engage lapsed users

Personalise content based on each user’s preferences and previous behaviour, and send compelling notifications to win them back.

Core platform features

Personalisation & Segmentation

Engage your app users with intelligent, personalised messaging. Use our advanced analytics to build detailed customer segments or integrate with existing CRMs for enhanced customer visibility.

Intelligent Delivery

Send the right message to the right person at the right time. By using our predictive analytics, you can get it right every time with data-driven scheduling and automated campaigns.

A/B Testing

Test every aspect of your push notification (like time of delivery and messaging) and optimise your campaigns. Measure which version delivers the highest engagement and offers you the maximum ROI.

Location Targeting

With Xtremepush advanced location targeting technology, you can send push notifications to users the instant they enter or exit a specific location, even if they don’t have your app open. This ensures the user receives relevant messages at the right time in the right place.

In-App Messages

Engage your app users with In-App Messages. Deliver personalised In-App Messages to app users based on their previous interactions, spend and online behaviour with no opt-in required.

How can you use In-App Messages to drive key business goals?

Onboard new users

Send users a personalised welcome when they first open the app. Guide them through its key features with a series of automated messages.

Increase app engagement

Highlight beneficial features that an individual app user has yet to engage with. Improve session length and create more opportunites to convert.

In-app promotions

Deliver interactive banners in-app, promoting your latest product or service.

Core platform features

A/B Testing

Test every aspect of your messages to optimise your campaigns for maximum ROI.

Event Driven Automation

By using Xtremepush’s robust automation engine you can trigger In-App Messages at the right time to the right customer. Drive user engagement with relevant, real-time content.


Deliver rich, personalised content that resonates with your app users and drive your business goals.

Actionable Analytics

Xtremepush’s advanced analytics give you a complete overview of your app users behaviour. Use this insight to identify drop-off points and re-engage users with real-time content that you know is likely to convert.

App Inbox

Deliver personalised content to your entire app audience. This dedicated inbox functions similarly to email and is a fantastic channel for reaching your most valuable app users with targeted content. No opt-in is required for users to receive a message in their App Inbox. When a new app message is received in their inbox, a badge appears on the user’s app icon. 

How can an App Inbox add value to your multichannel strategy?

Permanent content

As messages delivered to the App inbox are permanent, it’s a perfect place to promote offers that are set to last for an extended period. It also makes sense to deliver tutorials here, so that the app user can find them whenever they need to.

Engage the “opt-outs”

There will always be a certain percentage of users who do not wish to receive push notifications or emails. The App Inbox presents brands with an opportunity to still engage this audience with relevant content.

Recover abandoned carts

Use our advanced analytics to track your users’ in-app behaviour. If they’ve recently abandoned a purchase you can preserve their order and send it to the App Inbox for them to complete at a later time.

Extend your audience reach

Half of a typical app’s audience is left unaddressed. Apps that make high-performing message centers core to their experience see a 30% lift, on average, in user engagement.

Enhance push and in-app campaigns

Maximise the impact of your campaigns. When a message centre notification is sent in combination with a push or in-app message, average read rates more than double.

Deliver targeted messaging

Develop all of your users through each vital stage of the user journey. Continue the conversation with personalised content to drive key user actions and prompt goal completions.


Flexible attribution solution that will track your marketing efforts to enable real-time campaign analysis and optimisation to drive the best app installs and post-install events, maximizing your advertising ROI.

Cost Per Install (CPI) Optimisation

Wondering which campaigns are delivering the lowest CPI? Xtremepush’s attribution analysis gives you a clear understanding of what networks and campaigns are driving the lowest CPI, enabling a better allocation of budget to drive increased ROI of your Ad spend.

Post-install event analysis

Post-install event analysis will show you the media sources and channels that can deliver not only an install but also a loyal user who meets your goals, whether engagement or revenue-related. This will help you focus on targeting users who will deliver the maximum ARPU. We continue to follow a user’s post-install activity, measuring their in-app events, and then tie these insights back to the acquiring network.

Real-Time attribution analytics

Visualize the true impact of your marketing investments with real-time attribution and analytics. Xtremepush puts essential metrics at your fingertips enabling you to make up-to-the-minute decisions.

View Through Attribution

View-Through Attribution allows you to track the true reach of your campaigns, including the influence of every impression served to users, giving much greater visibility than last-click attribution, where the source that drove the final click receives all of the credit.

Redemption System

Engage your app users with redemption offers. WIth Xtremepush, you can send your app users promotional offers using push notifications and in-app messaging to drive footfall and increase engagement.

Drive footfall

How often do your app users enter your store or branch? Redemption messages are a great way to encourage your app users to visit your store or branch and interact with your staff.

Increase engagement

Create and send push message notifications to your app users to drive them into the app. Once in the app, they’ll receive an in-app message with the promotion details.

Campaign rules

All promotional offers have limits. When creating your redemption campaign, make sure you include your restrictions. For example the maximum amount of redemptions, number of times a single user can redeem the offer, include an expiry date and a secret PIN code.

Redeem the offer

The Xtremepush redemption offer system enables your users to redeem the offer through a unique pin number. This enables full tracking on ad redemption analytics without integrating into any 3rd party POS or sales system.


With an average open rate of 94%, SMS cannot be overlooked as a marketing channel. It’s an opportunity to connect with your audience directly and add value to their experience of your brand. As part of your overall multichannel marketing strategy, it allows you to engage with offline users and those who have not opted in for push notifications.

Speed & Scale

Deliver messages instantly to your entire user base.

Intelligent Delivery

Automate your send times so that you engage customers at the optimal times.

A/B Testing

Test every aspect of the SMS, from content to send times, and optimse your campaigns for ROI.