Searching for a Parse Push Alternative?

xtremepush is here to help!

Xtremepush welcomes Parse customers

We are very excited to provide an exclusive welcome offer to Parse users. With our complete end-to-end solution, we will provide the exact same feature-set as Parse and our own advanced functionality, enabling your brand to go further.


  • 1 month FREE trial

You will benefit from a 1 month FREE trial to try out all of our advanced features.

  • No need for an update

You won’t need to update your app in order to send push notifications from Xtremepush to your Parse-enabled app!

  • Automated Migration Tool

You can easily import your push users from Parse into Xtremepush using our automated migration tool. Our automated migration tool will help you seamlessly manage the transition process during which your users will be gradually updating their app.

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Xtremepush Features

Rich Push Notifications

Push notifications are a powerful and engaging means of reaching your app users. We provide you with all the tools you need to create rich interactive push notification campaigns, complete with personalisation, optimisation and intelligent delivery.

Advanced Features for Push Delivery

Xtremepush helps you to deliver targeted engagement across the entire user lifecycle. Preview notifications exactly as they appear across the devices you intend to target. Identify and automate the message that will deliver the most impact using multi-variate testing.

Behaviour-Based Segmentation

Any question you have about your customer, we can answer. Create custom segments of your audience based on age, location, language and more, and set up auto- triggers to engage your customers with personalised messaging.

iBeacon & Geo-Fencing functionality

Easily manage unlimited beacons or geo-fences and create meaningful interactions with your customers. Our powerful location-targeting technology will enable your brand to identify users and precisely target them at the right time in the right place.

Mobile Attribution

Our flexible attribution solution will track your marketing efforts over thousands of Ad networks enabling real time campaign analysis and optimisation to drive the best app installs and post-install events to maximise your advertising ROI

Enterprise Class Analytics

Our people-centred approach to analytics will provide you with a granular understanding of your customer on a one-to-one basis. Delivering the insights you need to truly understand your customer is our job.