Create More Personalised and Relevant Marketing Campaigns

Top Tips for Personalised Marketing Campaigns

Stop treating your subscribers, customers, and users all the same. Especially in the B2C world, customers will all have different needs, so don’t bunch them all into the same basket and pepper them with the same content. Creating personalised marketing campaigns is much more than brands just including the users first name.

Top Tips for creating more Personalised and Relevant Marketing Campaigns

Introduce a Preference Centre

When brands engage users to sign up, they often want to make the process as simple as possible, so will limit the amount of information requested. However, this doesn’t mean that you can’t request more information as part of your sign up process. Implementing a preference centre as part of a double opt-in process means that upon confirming the subscription, brandscan ask directly what sort of content their user is interested in receiving. With GDPR now enforced, this will give the power of what is hitting the subscribers inbox directly into their hands.


In order to create maximum impact, it is important to customise your content to appeal to the user. Using analytical data gathered about your user, you will gain insight into what their interests are. These insights will enable you to segment your users and serve only relevant content to them

Individual user Profiles

Instead of asking your customers what they like to buy, it’s often easier to analyse their behaviour instead. By examining what the users are browsing and buying on your website, brands can identify what their customers are really interested in. This allows brands to target a specific segment or cluster with relevant products.

Don’t just limit yourself to targeting recent customers. Re-engage inactive customers who haven’t made a purchase in a set period of time with a “we miss you” campaign. Offer them a discount or special offer as an re-engagement incentive.


Sending customers offers which are based around their location can be an effective technique of personalisation. By identifying the individual’s location and a suitable distance around this, brands can engage the user on upcoming events or special offers based on their location. . For example, food lovers in Manchester will want to hear about the latest restaurant deals in Manchester, not in Birmingham.


It’s important to remember that all customers are different, with some not as engaged with the brand as others. Often it is necessary to create some enthusiasm with those less engaged/inactive subscribers by offering a targeted discount to revive their relationship with your brand.


A cart recovery programme is an essential part of any online retailers marketing strategy and can be worth 5% of all online sales. If a customer has added a product to their shopping basket then there is clearly interest in the product. Utilise analytics to identify key drop-off points for customers in the user journey and re-engage them relevant messages on the channels they are most active.

Next Steps

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