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Persuasive Email Strategies for Winning Customers Back

All brands will experience customer fall off.  Where the most successful brands differ from the rest is their ability to re-engage their customers and get them purchasing again.

Each brand will have different customer journeys, however, all of them can increase revenue by implementing a win-back strategy.

These tips will provide you with inspiration for re-engagement email campaigns in order to stop losing customers and get them spending again.

Review your Customer Journey

Prevention is best, so before you start to look at how to win back customers understand why they are leaving or becoming dormant in the first place. Understanding your customer lifecycle will allow you to identify where the customers are dropping off. Once you identify the key drop off points you will be better placed to keep them engaged and spending.

Check out the Competition

Detailed customer research can pay dividends in creating a successful win-back strategy. But by understanding the value proposition of your competition, your brand will be better placed to deal with keeping your customers. Are your competitors providing loyalty bonuses, free delivery or simply providing the customer with a better experience?


You have a unique opportunity to engage with your customers through email. During their first purchase, they provide you with an email address, and most likely opt-in to receive your communication. Use email to hit the customer with incentives to re-engage with your brand and make that next purchase. Try testing different exclusive offers to small sections of existing customers. Monitor the results of these offers and roll out the winning offer to the remainder of your target market.

Add Value

Incentives aren’t the only way to add value to customers. A valued customer is a loyal customer. Keep your customer engaged with relevant offers, content, information and even well wishes for special events like birthdays. The more intelligently you interact with your clients, the more they engage with your brand.

Get Creative

One way to drive engagement is for your emails to stand out. Break from your conventional templates and look outside the box to really grab the attention of a lapsed customer. Using personalisation and relevant content also provides more value to the consumer. Keep within your brand guidelines but don’t be afraid to test out different styles and more importantly, test out your subject lines.

Be Personal

Is your audience dis-engaged due to your previous communication irrelevant to them? The fact they have made a purchase previously means you will have key pieces of information about the customer.

You at the very least know what their purchase history is. Use this information to recommend alternative and relevant products or services. If their original purchase has a set lifecycle, utilise this information and engage with them before this is up.

Do it early

Don’t just think of the win-back emails having to be sent to customers from many moons ago. Sometimes it’s worth getting in front of customers again after only a few weeks since their last purchase, especially if that was their first. The more buying experiences your customers make, the stronger the habit and the longer the relationship will be. This doesn’t mean you need to offer the same discount as those who were last seen 2 years ago, as you can tailor the discount level based upon how long they have been a lapsed customer.

Next Steps

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