Push Notifications

Drive app engagement with targeted notifications

push notification

Push notifications are a powerful and engaging means of reaching your app users.  With xtremepush, you have the tools you need to create rich interactive push notification campaigns, complete with personalisation, optimisation and intelligent delivery.

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Attract users into your app and boost conversions with personalised Push notifications. Customise your communication through the integration of existing user data with our powerful in-app analytics & user segmentation to gain real results.

Intelligent Delivery

Timing is key. Using our predictive analytics, you can get it right every time with custom scheduling and automated Push notification campaigns.

Location Targeting

Utilise xtremepush advanced location targeting technology to actively engage users with contextually relevant Push messaging in the right place at the right time.

Multivariate Testing

Use Multivariate testing to understand which Push campaigns deliver the highest engagement. Identify and automate the message with the most impact. XtremePush helps you to define which type of campaign will deliver the maximum ROI.

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