Engage with app users to drive revenue



Redemption offers are a great way to engage with your app users. Using the Xtremepush platform you can send your app users promotional offers using push notifications and in-app messaging. Our platform has full tracking capabilities and redemption analytics for your campaign.

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Drive footfall

How often do your app users enter your store or branch? Redemption messages are a great way to encourage your app users to visit your store or branch and interact with your staff.

Increase engagement

Create and send push message notifications to your app users to drive them into the app. Once in the app, they’ll receive an in-app message with the promotion details.

Campaign rules

All promotional offers have limits. When creating your redemption campaign, make sure you include your restrictions. For example the maximum amount of redemptions, number of times a single user can redeem the offer, an expiry date and the secret PIN code.

Redeem the offer

The Xtremepush redemption offer system enables your users to redeem the offer through a unique pin number. This enables full tracking ad redemption analytics without integrating into any 3rd party POS or sales system.

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