Top Tips for improving Digital Customer Journey

Digital technology has revolutionised the way consumers interact with their bank. With over 1.2 billion mobile banking users worldwide, banking apps have given consumers fast and simple access to all of their financial products.

How banks can capitalise on and enhance customer engagement

Top Tips For Improving The Customer Journey


Some countries impose rules on the banking industry to inform their customers with alerts helping them avoid unnecessary charges. Regardless of whether this is in force in your country or not, providing useful alerts to your customers can provide them with a more positive experience with your brand. Push Notifications, Email, and SMS are all channels that can be utilized in this way. Xtremepush’s platform enables full engagement across multiple channels including incorporating banking alerts.


Customers are increasingly using banking Apps to send and receive money from individuals. Provide additional levels of engagement with your customers by sending transfer status’ using Push Notifications, offering frictionless access back to view the transaction.

New Accounts

Only a third of U.S. banks offering full end-to-end account creation via a mobile device yet 72% of consumers using digital channels to open checking accounts. This provides an opportunity to make account creation within an App a priority. Push Notifications can help with the new account process, by alerting users who haven’t completed the setup or registration via the app. Additionally, the use of an in-app message center, you can provide helpful information to the user to get them through the process.

Customer Surveys

Banks can gain a lot of information from their customer’s behaviour, but not everything. Utilising behavioural data to trigger a survey via push notifications or email can help to fill in the gaps.

Application Notifications

Credit card, insurance, loan or mortgage applications are often abandoned. Win back these abandoned applications by incorporating an abandonment programme. For app users, a Push Notification can be sent to prompt completion of the application, with a direct link back the form. For non-app related applications, abandoned email programmes can provide access back to the application for completion.

Beyond the abandonment, notifications about their application can pay dividends in customer experience. Provide updates for your customers at every stage of the process and provide resources as requested to help them understand the procedure.

Location Technology

There might not be much left that you can’t do on your mobile device or online with regards to banking, however, branches still provide a service to customers. Setting up ibeacons or geofences around branches will enable you to send Push Notifications to your App users when entering a branch. This communication can provide information about the branch, welcome the customer or like TBC Bank did, to provide feedback on their visit to a branch.

Next Steps

Xtremepush works with Global banking clients to aid them in increasing customer engagement via, a Multichannel Engagement and Analytic Platform.

Discover how your brand can benefit from incorporating a multichannel approach and get in touch with the Xtremepush team.

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