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Beacons vs. Geo Fencing: What is the difference?

by Una Lawlor • 27th August 2015

Location-based mobile marketing provides endless opportunities to engage with consumers in the right time at the right place. Through the use of innovative mobile technology such as Beacons and Geo Fencing, companies can now communicate with their customers through timely, relevant messaging, while also gathering valuable data on user demographics and behaviour. But what is […]

Context is King in Mobile Marketing

by xtremepush • 26th February 2014

The mobile phone has become an extension of the consumers self, habitually they have their devices at arm’s length; with 91 % of smartphone owners admitting to this and  ‘feeling naked’ without their devices, the opportunities for marketing through this medium has never been more advantageous. People consume content from their mobile phones almost every […]

How iBeacons will Revolutionise Mobile Engagement

by xtremepush • 19th February 2014

What its about Over 64% of adults in western countries according to a recent Nielsen report own a smart phone. Significantly, globally smart phone penetration is forecast to more than double to 5.6 billion Smartphone subscriptions by the end of 2019. iBeacon technology pinpoints where a customer is with precise accuracy down to a meter. […]