TBC Bank

Case Study


Financial consumer behaviour is rapidly shifting to remote self-service mobile banking, yet many customers still cite access to a bank branch as a key selection criteria for their banking provider. The pace of change in retail banking has accelerated, however, with customers now increasingly expecting personalised, on-demand experiences. As banks and credit unions try to improve the economics of branch banking and deliver the best possible customer experience, it is clear that only the most agile financial service providers will prosper.

TBC Bank, based in Georgia, was searching for a best-in-class, secure and fully scalable iBeacon marketing solution that would enable them to provide precise location-based engagement to customers in their 200 retail branches.


TBC Bank chose Xtremepush due to their enterprise-grade bank security and fully integrated, end-to-end solution. Using Xtremepush’s premium proximity targeting technology, the bank were able to leverage unlimited iBeacon capabilities and take advantage of API integration with their existing CRM system. Deep customer segmentation and advanced location analytics enables their team to deliver personalised, targeted push and in-app messaging to their banking customers during their time spent in-branch.

A TBC customer can now receive helpful service messaging or highly relevant product offers in-branch direct to their smartphone, based on their unique user profile and previous customer history. Upon entry of the branch, the bank promotes key services to their clients and upon exit, they can deliver a quick and engaging customer survey to check customer satisfaction levels.


TBC Bank have achieved extraordinary success with Xtremepush’s powerful proximity-targeting solution. They now have the option to engage with their bank customers in-branch and promote their online banking services. They can also gather valuable offline consumer insights, including the entry, exit and dwell time of their customers. This data will greatly assist TBC in optimising the branch experience for customers in the future. It also assists in achieving effective cross-channel attribution tracking. TBC look forward to exploring the vast potential of location-based targeting to deliver seamless, cross-channel experiences to their banking customers.

TBC Bank

TBC Bank has one of the best-known and most trusted brands in Georgia. This is largely due to their high quality customer experience, strong reputation, long-standing relationships with customers and their traditional focus on social responsibility

Over the years, they have received a number of prestigious industry awards, including being named as “Best Bank in Georgia” seven times by Global Finance magazine. TBC Bank’s internet banking was also named the Best Integrated Internet Bank in the World in 2013.