Transform Campaign Performance with Geo-Fencing

A geo-fence is a virtual perimeter for a real-world geographic area and can provide an excellent opportunity for brands to drive engagement and footfall. These tips provide insight into how using geo-fencing can transform your marketing campaign performance.

Drive Footfall

Brands that have a physical location, for example, retailers, sports venues or restaurants have a compelling reason to implement geo-fencing into their marketing arsenal.

By setting up geo-fences around each of their locations, brands can target their app users with notifications whenever they enter or exit that location. Additionally, brands can engage a user after a certain dwell time within that geo-fence with push notifications. Shopping centres are the perfect place to geo-fence for retailers and eateries in that location. Retailers can deliver notifications to their app users and provide a reason to visit your shop or restaurant that day with an exclusive offer to draw the user to enter your store that day.

Increase Customer Experience

A perfect example of using geo-fences is to provide an additional element to your customer experience. Sporting brands, like Leinster Rugby who employed Geo-Location Technology from Xtremepush to drive app use and conversions in their stadium. Leinster Rugby engages their app users with a welcome message upon entry to the stadium and highlights different offers and information that will enhance their visit, including premium tickets that were available before the match starts, enabling customers to upgrade.

Target the competition

Geo-fences don’t solely have to be at the brand’s location, instead, targeting your customers as they enter your competitions location can remind them to visit your store. Offering promotional deals for that day only, might make the user think twice before entering the competitor’s store and instead move to yours.

Behavioural analytics

Another great reason to implement the use of geo-fences is to understand the behaviour of your users and thus be able to provide relevant content directly to them via the app. This is a powerful solution for the banking industry. For example, setting up a geo-fence around new housing developments could provide powerful analytics for users who are visiting the sites, and enables the bank to send highly intelligent, targeted messages directly to the user.

Next Steps

Xtremepush are leading global experts in multi-channel experience and engagement marketing. We have developed an intuitive platform that enables marketers to execute their marketing strategies effectively and successfully. To arrange a demonstration of how Xtremepush can drive engagement for your enterprise brand, please get in touch with the team today.


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