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The Ultimate Guide to Mobile Marketing Automation

Everything you need to know to drive Engagement and boost ROI in your Mobile App


‘Mobile marketing automation is the piece of the engagement pie that helps publishers understand who is in their app, what those users are doing, how they can communicate with them, and how they can drive ROI effectively.’

– VentureBeat

The mobile marketing landscape is an intensely fragmented and challenging space. How can marketers accurately measure and optimise their mobile marketing efforts? And how can they understand and engage with their customers in a compelling and contextually-relevant manner?

In this free guide, we break down the key elements of mobile marketing automation and explain how it can benefit your brand and make your job, as a marketer, a whole lot easier.

  • Mobile Analytics & Segmentation – Learn how to gain a greater understanding of your app users & create precise key target segments
  • Mobile Attribution – See how you can accurately identify the best performing networks that deliver the most valuable users
  • In-App & Push Messaging – Find out how to reach and engage your users with the right message at the right time
  • Location-Targeting – Discover how you can enhance the real-time brand experience, using iBeacons & Geo-Fencing
  • Funnel Analysis – Learn how you can pinpoint when, where and why your customers dropped off and why

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