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Web Push Notifications

Personalised, real-time remarketing

Just 2% of web traffic converts on their first visit. Web Push is the most effective, and the quickest, way to remarket to that other 98%, even while they browse another website. It doesn’t require an app and works on both mobile devices and desktops. The average engagement rate is 20%. Using the Xtremepush solution, your brand can be ready to send notifications within minutes.

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How can Push Notifications help you achieve your brand’s business goals?

Online basket recovery

Send real-time, personalised messages that bring customers back to their pre-populated baskets. Our Web Push clients have had incredible success re-igniting lost sales across every vertical, from retail banking and insurance to e-commerce and sports betting.


Promote flash sales or a news alert to your subscribers as they browse the web.

Re-engage your lapsed users

Deliver incentivised messaging to direct lapsed users back to your site. Personalise the content based on their preferences and ensure that every message adds value to your customers’ lives.

Drive app downloads

Use Web Pushes on mobile to take your customer engagement a step deeper by encouraging users to download your app.

Why do Push Notifications perform so well?

Instant visibility

Email inboxes are overcrowded. Competition between the hordes of brands vying for attention is high. Web Pushes are delivered to the device as it is in use, putting your brand in the line of sight immediately.

Easy opt-in

Visitors are more likely to opt-in for Web Push Notifications because they don’t need to hand over personal information. They simply click “Allow” when asked. This also means that Web Pushes are GDPR compliant.

Personalised content

Xtremepush enables you to create detailed user segments, ensuring you only send people content that resonates with them.

Intelligent delivery

Our advanced AI engine allows you to schedule Web pushes based on when the recipient is most likely to engage. In-built A/B testing enables you to optimise every interaction for conversion.

In-Web Messages

Send personalised, real-time messages to your website traffic as they browse, increasing engagement and boosting revenue. No opt-in is required from the user.

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Quick integration

Our integration process is incredibly quick and easy – achievable in just three simple steps

Campaign tracking

Measure the true impact of your campaigns in real-time

Google Analytics API integration

Leverage your existing GA customer insights for hyper-contextual targeting.

Multi-language support

Localise your content and converse with your customers in their native language.

Event-triggered messages

Engage with users directly after they have completed an action on your website.

Drive engagement

Keep visitors on your site for longer with messages delivered on exit intent.

Web Inbox

Send personalised, real-time messages directly your website visitors with Web Inbox. This functions similarly to an email inbox and allows you to target and engage all of your traffic. No opt-in is required from your users.

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Real-time messaging

Deliver messages to visitors as they browse your site. The Web Inbox is a perfect channel for reaching traffic that has not opted in for Web Push Notifications.


Send rich, personalised engagement straight to the inbox.

Google Analytics integration

Leverage your existing Google Analytics customer insights for advanced targeting.

Campaign tracking

Monitor the conversion rate of your messages in real time.