At xtremepush, we are pretty excited about our innovative new Web Push Notification feature. We have been working hard over the past few weeks to hone our Web Push engine. Today we are delighted to announce two new updates to Web Push –  Google Analytics integration for hyper-targeted web notifications and a customizable notification center fully controlled from the platform.


Google Analytics Integration

With our Google Analytics integration, you can now directly leverage your GA customer insights within the xtremepush platform. This makes campaign set-up and precise customer targeting absolutely seamless.

Let’s take the example of a sports betting brand: the marketing team can now deliver a targeted web push campaign to new customers who have registered for the service but have yet to add a deposit to their new account in the past 5 days. Using data gathered from their viewing history, a message can be sent directly to the customer’s browser, uniquely tailored to their sport of interest, enticing them to complete their account set-up. Onboarding customers effectively on the web? Yep that just became a reality!

As well as being recorded on xtremepush, all your campaign results will automatically appear in Google Analytics. What’s more, this can all be easily deployed by uploading some credentials to the xtremepush platform and deploying our SDK with Google Tag Manager.





Notification center

When mobile users miss a notification on their smartphone, this can be easily accessed in the device’s notification center. We wanted to deliver the same experience for website visitors by providing an onsite message center where push subscribers can easily access content they have missed. For brands, the customizable interface of the notification center ensures that they can put their own stamp on this messaging hub.





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