White Label Mobile Marketing Solutions

All of the features without the cost of development, maintenance & updates

White Label Solutions

Have you thought of building your own app engagement platform? Have you thought about building your clients app analytics? Have you thought about building a beacon CMS? It’s costly, time consuming and well things go wrong along the way – and that’s before you even start to onboard clients. We work with Global Agencies, MNOs and Telco to provide White Label Solutions maintained by us.


Quick and Easy

Pain free update with your logo and colours

Infinitely Scalable

None of the OS limitations that limit you to twenty locations. We handle scaling so you don’t have to worry about it. No need to know all your locations on day one just keep adding locations on the platform as you need them.

Deep Analytics

Understand your users offline behaviour with in-depth analytics of geo-fence and iBeacon behaviour. Track entries, exits and dwell time for thousands of locations.

Laser Like Targeting

Target users with relevant messages based on previous location behaviour. Or communicate with them at the right time in the right place with messages triggered based on location entry, exit or dwell time.

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