Our CEO and co-founder, Tommy Kearns, was a guest on the Executive Chair podcast recently.

The interview went out live on Newstalk Radio on August 10th 2019, and was hosted by serial entrepreneur and well-known TV personality, Bobby Kerr as part of his Down to Business show.

One of Ireland’s most popular business podcasts, the Executive Chair offers listeners an insight into the mindset of the country’s most successful businesspeople.

It often touches upon the guest’s personal life as well as their early careers, charting their professional trajectory.

Tommy spoke fondly of his father and the business lessons he learned while working alongside him as a young man in rural Ireland. From there, Bobby Kerr was keen to learn more about Tommy’s experiences as a professional athlete as well as his time spent overseas, running companies in Jamaica and Mexico.

Finally, of course, the conversation swung around to Xtremepush and the way we’re helping brands to unify their data silos and deliver exceptional customer experiences across their digital channels.

The podcast can be found through the link below. It’s a really enjoyable conversation, with a healthy mix of business insight and the occasional funny story!