Growth. Alignment. Communication.

These three words drove the agenda and purpose at our first company-wide offsite in Westport.

I can honestly say, I’ve never enjoyed a work trip as much as those three days. The prep was challenging, the objectives even more so and not to mention a mountain hike to top it all off at the end up Croagh Patrick. We even got to introduce our non-Irish based team to possibly the most Irish game ever played……Road Bowling. My first time to experience this so simple but so compelling game. I must tip the hat to David Hughes for showing us this wonderful, simple, non-tech game…….oh I wish our kids could be entertained this easily in this era of instant gratification and I want it for me and I want it for me now!

But like most things we work hard at, the end result of these three days was worth all the effort. This was the first time we had our whole team, from the around the world, under the one roof for 3 days. What an opportunity!

Just for context, so we are all on the same page, Xtremepush has had a pretty good year so far. We are on target for over 300% growth, right where we want to be! We’ve done this while acquiring a brilliant, established and experienced Email company in the UK, to round off our product offering within our world-class and unmatched multi-channel experience and engagement marketing platform.

For three days we dug deep to squeeze every bit of juice out of the room. We strategized, shared plans and problems. We then broke them down piece by piece and built them back up again to get the right answers. Pushing each other hard to be better at every opportunity to do so. Our end goal was to get everyone together, share and work on our plans for 2019 onwards so we become totally aligned for exponential growth in 2019 and beyond. We also wanted to have some fun on the way in one of the most spectacular towns in Ireland. We achieved our goals in buckets & spades! 🙂

I want to take this chance to publicly thank everyone involved. Particularly Vincent Keogh from The Helm in Westport for his outstanding hospitality and nothing is too much attitude (we could all learn a lot from this type of attitude). A big shout out to Damian Browne (the man mountain), for helping us up Croagh Patrick before he heads off on his next challenge. Susan Moran for all her hard work in the setup and finally to all of the Xtremepush team for their commitment during the different working sessions and streams over the three days to find the breakthroughs we are looking for, all while maintaining our world-class service standards to the level our enterprise customers have become a custom to and which is one of our core cultural business values.

Growth, Alignment, and Communication. Three words that sum up both our Challenges and our Mission.

Roll on XPression 2019 …..who knows where geographically it will take us but I have no doubt it will be equally as rewarding for our people and company.